Would you like to get to spend time with a great group of guys, serve your family & community, and grow closer to the Lord? Then come join the Triad SDA Men’s Ministry! Our men’s ministry, a partnership between Winston-Salem First Seventh-day Adventist Church & Clemmons Seventh-day Adventist Fellowship, is here to support, develop, and strengthen the men in our congregations. The Triad SDA Men’s Ministry group has three goals:

  1. Develop the men as leaders
  2. Enrich relationships among men
  3. Equip men for service


As Christians, we are called to be an example to all those who see us (John 13:35). That is why a focus of the Triad SDA Men’s Ministry is to develop our men as Godly leaders. Our men should be leaders in the community by setting a good example to those around them. Whether they are leading at their office or in a community service organization, it is critical that their leadership style is grounded in the Bible.

Just as important as leading in the community is leading in the church. The spiritual health of the church depends not only on the spiritual health of its members but also on the effectiveness of its leaders. Through men’s ministry, men in the church are trained on how to lead in various roles within the church. They are given mentoring support from current local church leaders and can feel confident when they are asked to lead.

Last but far from least is leadership in the home. The Bible tells us that the man is supposed to be a Godly leader in his home (1 Timothy 3:4-5). This is a great responsibility that the men’s ministry helps the men of the church succeed in. Leading in the home is not about giving orders. It is about showing the wisdom and love of Christ to your spouse and children.


Men may not be the most talkative, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t need close relationships with other men. One of the goals of the Triad SDA Men’s Ministry is to build and enrich relationships among the men in our churches. One way we do this is through joint service projects. These service projects bring us together for a common purpose. It also allows us to grow closer as a group while serving the Lord.

Education is an important part of personal growth, and our men’s ministry puts on several short seminars each year on a variety of topics important to men. During these seminars we learn and have opportunities for discussion. This education is not strictly religious, and includes diverse topics such as money management and marriage enrichment.

Finally, group activities are an important part of building and enriching relationships. These activities have a spiritual component, but they are mostly designed to be fun. We can blow off steam and get outdoors. Some of the activities we’re planning are camping, cookouts, and sporting events.


We are all called to serve the Lord with our talents and spiritual gifts that He has given to us. Our third goal for the Triad SDA Men’s Ministry is to equip the men for service. Our men have mentors in order to be ready to serve. We can all get overwhelmed with our responsibilities, and many men want to serve more but aren’t sure how. This is where mentoring helps make it easy to serve.

Before we can serve with our spiritual gifts, we need to have a relationship with Christ. Spiritual development is an important focus for us. We want the men to be spiritually growing, and excited about God, His word, and what He is doing in their lives.

Too many men struggle with a work/life balance. Throw ministry into the mix, and burnout, weak marriages, and a drifting away are usually the end result. The Triad SDA Men’s Ministry teaches men how to find balance in their lives by prioritizing. We have honest discussions, and help each other find this balance that each of us needs to be effective in our home, work, and church.

These three goals make up our mission. We are here to serve our homes, churches, and communities. If you’d like to learn more about the Triad SDA Men’s Ministry or want to join, please contact Chris Michalec at 336-682-2121 or email him.